Seattle Start-Up Weekend

Role: Interaction and Visual Designer

The Background

A good friend of mine was joining a startup weekend in Seattle with an idea that intrigued both of us, food allergies. We wanted to put together a pitch for a website that allowed customers to input food allergies for themselves and their family members, save those allergies to a profile, and then get a curated list of recipes. We learned a lot over the short weekend and walked away excited by what we learned and energized to try another start up weekend in the future. 


The Actions I took

Inject design thinking and have impact quickly - A big part of startup weekends is to establish goals early on and get buy in from the team. I made sure to work hand in hand with our business team members to establish our goals and work towards them together.

Design rapidly - Because of the short time span I needed to work efficiently with our team to put together our vision. This included choosing fonts, colors, and imagery that fit the groups ideas for what the product would be. I believe through rapid iteration of ideas we were quickly able to refine our work and create a solid presentation.

Polish and presentation skills - I am a big fan of presenting and making sure the final product looks polished. I worked with our team to make time for practice and polish so when it came time to share our ideas we were a confident and excited group.


The Results of my work

A strong presentation and new colleagues - Through our work and solid presentation we were approached by many other teams to exchange contact information. It was a great opportunity to get feedback and learn where we could have been stronger.

A great learning experience – Although we did not win, throughout the weekend I found myself learning new, faster ways to do things and I learned a great deal about working on a brand new team. Setting goals is extremely important and in this case we should have set more clear, concise goals. I believe this would have led to a more successful project with a more cohesive vision. Overall, I had a blast working through a tough problem and would gladly do a startup weekend again.