Seattle Neighborhood Coat of Arms

This project came out of a Creative Group my brother in law and I started with a small group of friends.  We meet monthly and share work that is based on a theme decided at the previous meeting.  The theme for this past meeting was simply "Seattle".

This was a difficult theme to follow because no medium was chosen, everything had to come from the inspiration I found in Seattle.  At first, I liked the idea of doing something with the different neighborhoods of Seattle.  I then was drawn in by the look of the Seattle Sounders logo or "coat of arms".  This led me down the path to what I have created here.  I did some research around each neighborhood to help influence the images.  I looked at founding dates, iconic landmarks, and more.

These first four images are in order of iterations, starting with my first crack at the idea.  I then stripped the idea down to the final image and its black and white version.

This was a really fun personal project, and because of it I will continue to create neighborhood coat of arms.  Up next is Ballard, Fremont, South Lake Union, and possibly Queen Anne and Downtown