OneBusAway - A website redesign

Role – UX and Interaction Design

The Background

This project was spread out over a 10 week span where we were tasked with redesigning the current OneBusAway website.  My group and I decided to redesign the OneBusAway website because we felt the site overloaded its users with excess information which caused it to fail at its goal of helping users find their bus route quickly.


The Actions I took

Lead brainstorming sessions, sketched ideas, created mock ups – I really wanted to focus on the UX of the website redesign so I made sure to keep our team on track and focused on what the real issues were.  As a group we were able to quickly make design decisions and make improvements quickly.

Ran usability tests – I ran usability studies with participants to find hidden issues and get a better understanding of who our user base was.  This also gave me a great opportunity to practice as a researcher, something which has helped me as a designer immensely.

Created interactive prototypes to test interaction patterns – I created an interactive prototype for our group to test different interaction patterns for our site.  We wanted to give users the right information at the right time so understanding the best way for them to work through our site was very important.  It gave me some great insight into navigation patterns and helped our project overall.


The Results of my work

Our developer was able to quickly produce our website prototype – throughout the process I included our developer in our UX work. When it came time to create the new site he not only knew what to expect but he had been a part of the decision making process and was excited to build what we had designed.

We had extra time to add more features – with the time saved through fast development we were able to implement more features that had been stretch goals.

Our final grade was excellent and we had learned a lot in the process – our work earned us a great grade in the class and we were able to take a lot more away from the experience.


What I learned – Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, some HTML/CSS/JS, Prototyping, Usability testing, Visual Design