Harmonii.us - a party playlist app

Role – UX and Interaction Design

The Background

This project was the brainchild of myself and two other classmates. We wanted to create a more collaborative and personalized listening experience for groups of people. We also wanted to leverage a group of people’s music interests and create a perfect playlist for said group.  This was how we came up with Harmonii.us, a music listening application that gives everyone at a party or small get together the ability to have input into what is being played.

A use case would go as follows:

A user would start a party on their desktop.

His/her guests would arrive, scan the QR code to join and share their music interests and a playlist would be created.

Throughout the course of the party guests could vote for the next song on their phone.


The Actions I took

Ran user research and usability studies - We conducted a lot of user research to build upon our idea, and ran our work through many usability studies and critiques. 

Designed workflows to understand our user base – we worked hard to take our knowledge from our user research and make informed decisions towards improving our product.  Data helped us make solid choices and improve the overall experience. 

Sketched, tested, and worked towards the best ideas - I was very fortunate to be surrounded by very passionate people who, like me, wanted to improve the music listening experience.  Because of this we were able to iterate on ideas and only kept the best ones, regardless of who came up with what. This lead to fast paced sprints of work that led us to more creative solutions.


The Results of my work

A polished, working prototype was created – Because we put in the hard work we were able to recruit a developer to our project.  We were able to work with him to create a working prototype which led to better usability studies and a better final presentation.

A great presentation lead to much praise from our professor and guest judges – On top of a really solid idea and a great prototype we were also able to carry that enthusiasm to our final presentation which can be seen at the bottom of the screen.  I apologize for the low quality but you can definitely tell we not only had a blast working on this project but had an even better time presenting it!


What I learned – Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, HTML/CSS/JS, Dealing with ambiguity, Product Ideation, Visual Design, Presentation Skills