Who I am

I am a interaction designer living in Woodinville, Washington who is interested in motion design, has a deep love for friends and family, and a passion for learning new things.

Currently I am a Design Manager at Microsoft focusing on designing experiences for Enterprise level products. I'm always willing to meet new people so reach out if you want to connect.


My wife and I

My wife and I

Who I am as a Designer

I, first and foremost, think of myself as an interaction and experience designer.  I love working to understand users, thinking through the users eyes, and collaborating with a team to design the best experience.  Knowing that I want to be an interaction and experience designer frees me up to also do something I love, which is working with extremely talented people.  I thrive in team environments where ideas bounce from one mind to the other.  This also gives me the opportunity to work with, and more importantly learn from, extremely talented people.  My goals within a team are to learn as much as I can during the process, work hard to make great products, and make my teammates look like superstars.

I believe I am an Interaction Designer who

  • adapts well to changing priorities and ambiguity
  • is a creative problem solver
  • is an excellent communicator
  • leverages other work effectively and intelligently
  • and thrives in a team environment